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Global warming and agricultural Land have intensified in recent years impacting the survival of populations

A region impacting by community conflits and global warming for more than a decade some regions of Niger are suffering from a crisis with multiple causes. The impacts of climate change on the natural environment the violence of non-state armed groups and the limited capacities of state services have dramatic conséquences on the lives of populations.

The sharing of natural resources in particular is a source of conflict within communities Nigérien law contains provisions on land appropriation but these are rarely used as the procedures are often cumbersome and very costly. These tension are accentuated by climatic phenomena such as situation fréquent droughts and declining soil fertility. Faced with this situation the project aims to restore the land and help the communities to self manage the resources. This notably involves the formalization of the rules of access to resource within the communities thanks to local convention and transmission of technique to define the future of abandoned land while guaranteeing exploitation that respect the environment.F

Faced with this situation we thought about a solution: climate-smart agriculture and permaculture to help local populations come with climate shocks.